Audition Tips

Because so many auditions are coming up in the next few weekends, I wanted to post some tips to help you make the best of your audition. Here are a few items that always worked well for me when I was auditioning, and some things that I look for when auditioning prospective members for one of my ensembles.

Bring a good attitude! I love when someone comes to an audition and brings a positive ray of sunshine with them! If you present yourself as a hard worker, a team player, and as someone who can contribute an encouraging vibe to the whole ensemble, chances are I want you on my team!

Stand in front when you can. For many performers, standing in front of the block (especially at an audition), can be terrifying. You don't have to be the perfect example of every exercise or every count of choreography to stand in front, but it does mean the staff can see you more easily.  If they can see you, they are more likely to notice you being attentive, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and improving. At an audition, those are the people I remember.  If they remember you (yes, even for blowing up, performing through your mistakes, and recovering), you are far more likely to get a callback!

Ask smart questions. I'm not suggesting that you ask non-stop questions about every count you learn, but if you want to know "are we standing in first of third position here?" ask! I always remember the performers that ask good questions. It suggests that you are attentive and hard-working during rehearsal, that you're going to remember your checkpoints, and that you care enough to hit them. 

Perform. Everything. Performance is difficult to teach. I know plenty of instructors that would gladly take someone who can perform fabulously and teach them to spin. Prove that you can perform with your face and body all the time. Tell me a story with your body during dance basics and I will watch you the rest of the day! Show me some fierceness during rifle spins and werk that flag choreography! Perform through your mistakes and chances are you'll make a very good impression!

Those are my top 4 tips for a good audition. Good luck, and I hope to see some of you performing (maybe in one of my ensembles) in the coming year!

What are your tips for auditioning? Comment below!