New Orleans Spin Club FAQ's


What is New Orleans Spin Club?

We are a parading flag/dance troupe for anyone who loves to spin (or wants to learn how).

Who can join?

We are all-inclusive: people of all shapes, sizes, gender identities, and abilities are welcome! 
We are happy to accommodate all ages, when possible (some events may have age restrictions. ie no one under the age of 12). Anyone under 18 should be accompanied by an adult for all rehearsals and events.

Do I have to live in the New Orleans area to be a member?

No.  We are happy to include our flag-spinning friends who live far away too!  Once you are an official member, we will provide links to videos of parade choreography.

Do I need to already be good at spinning a flag?

No.  We are happy to teach you how to spin!  

Where do I get my flag?

We provide flags for all members. Equipment fees are included in your annual membership fee.  Flags will be handed out at the start of each rehearsal, parade, and event, and collected at the end of each rehearsal, parade or event.

How can I get my own equipment to take home, practice with, and use all year?

We sell single 6' flag poles with practice silks for $60 and swing flag poles with practice silks for $35. We still ask that you spin our flags for parades. This allows us to prepare all equipment ahead of parade time with fancy parade silks.

Can I bring my own flag to a Spin Club performance?

No. Because different flag poles may have a different weight and balance and can spin differently, we request that you use our poles for the sake of uniformity.  This also helps us ensure that each member is using equipment that is safe and well-maintained.  You are, of course, welcome to practice at home with whatever you already have, but your membership dues cover the cost of equipment for rehearsals and parades.

Do you spin rifles too?

Yes! Depending on the parade and how many people want to spin rifle for a specific event, we will sometimes include a rifle line. Please bring your own rifle if you are interested in spinning one. 

Do I have to show up to all parades and rehearsals to be a member?

No. You could be a member, come to our weekly rehearsals just for fun and exercise and to meet new people, and never parade with us once. You could also come to rehearsal as your schedule allows and keep up with us via video the rest of the time. Some of our long-distance members may learn choreography almost exclusively by video, and simply show up for parades or performances. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you.

Can I join with my son/daughter/niece/little brother/etc...?

Sure! The more, the merrier!  We just ask that anyone under the age of 18 is accompanied by an adult. Also understand that occasionally there are parades and events that may have an age limit (ie 12 and up only parades). In those cases it's not up to us, but we will try to let you know well in advance if we are participating in an age-restricted event.
Also note, although some of us have animal companions that might as well be our kids, please do not bring them to Spin Club rehearsals or parades!  This is for the safety of our members and your lovely pets!

Is there a certain time of year to join Spin Club?

You can join any time! We only require you to join/pay your membership fees a minimum of 14 days before the parade or event in which you wish to participate. We need enough time to get a flag and uniform for you. 

Can I try out Spin Club before I decide to join?

Sure! Everyone is welcome at our Community Flag Spinning Classes and our weekly Choreography with Spin Club meet ups! We ask for donations from any participants who are able to give a few dollars.  Your donations help to support our mission to continue providing quality classes and equipment.  

Do I need to purchase a uniform?

Uniforms are included in all new-member dues.  We will contact you once your dues are paid, and you may select one top and one bottom from the styles we offer.  We will be wearing the same types of uniforms every year, so once you have one, you can use it for years to come.  Should you need or want a new uniform or uniform piece after your first year, you can pay for the individual piece.  You are also free to add to your uniform with gloves, fishnets, boots, leggings, or whatever strikes your fancy (or keeps you warm during cold parades). We simply ask that you stick to New Orleans Spin Club colors: black & white.  We will often add accent colors for specific events (and to match our parade flags), and we will let you know in advance what those will be so you can customize accordingly. 

What is the cost of being a Spin Club Member?

Right now, new members can join for $150/year. We offer discounts for members who join for only the last half of the year, and returning members receive a reduced rate after their first year. 

What are the benefits of being a member? 

Membership means that your participation in any of our Flag-Spinning Meet-Ups and Spin Club rehearsals throughout the year is free.  You have the option to participate in any of the parades and performances we do throughout the year (this last year, we performed in Muses, Tucks, PRIDE, Southern Decadence, Krewe of Boo, Jazz in the Park, and the Spin-ter-Dimensional colorguard concert). You also get discounts on classes, workshops, costume pieces, and official Spin Club gear through New Orleans Colorguard Arts. 

Other questions? Use our Contact Us page to send us a message!